Scotmas Chlorine Dioxide: Purate® System
Leading ClO2 Technology for High Volume water treatment applications
Our largest Water Treatment unit. The Purate® system offers >95% precursor conversion efficiency using highly cost effective precursor chemicals, making it the ideal choice for high volume generation of Chlorine Dioxide solutions in municipal water treatment and industry. Purate® systems are designed for intrinsic safety, and can be provided in a duplex configuration to ensure 100% uptime in process critical environments. The Touchscreen PLC allows for fully customisable control configurations and outputs to remote access, BMS and SCADA systems.
Purate® systems generate aqueous solution of chlorine dioxide under vacuum prior to injection into the water line. Any system failures are automatically detected, and the unit will shut down. Purate® systems are certified to exacting DIN and NSF Global standards.


Purate Chlorine Dioxide Generation Process

Purate® is a patented process of ClO2 generation by transformation of sodium chlorate with hydrogen peroxide and sulphuric acid.
Assisted by SVP-Pure generator, this high reliable system makes on site generation of chlorine dioxide easy and cost effective.

The chlorine dioxide is generated with a rate of yield above 95% and is of high purity and free of chlorine and chlorite.
This technology is supporting treatment of very large water quantities with capacities to 2500 Kg ClO2/day generated.

The procedure is certified according to CE, NSF 60 & 61 and FDA-approved 


Purate® systems are available within a fully enclosed, access controlled container allowing for temporary installations on site within a period of hours. Ideal for demonstration and disaster recovery applications, container mounted solutions are available from Scotmas for monthly rental or “standby contract” arrangements.

The Purate® system was originally designed to serve the ultra-high volume water treatment requirements of the pulp and paper industry, which uses serveral thousands tons of Chlorine Dioxide every year.

Some key features of the Purate® system -

•    Fully programmable,

     extendable PLC control
•    Uses the most cost effective

     precursors available on the

•    Regularly achieve generator

     and precursor conversion

     efficiencies of >99%
•    Full remote control/access
•    Available in a modular,

     container based system for

     rapid deployment

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