Industry leading Chlorine Dioxide Water Treatment Systems


Water Treatment in Hospitals


Since the mid 1990’s, Scotmas have been working with Healthcare professionals around the world to incorporate best practice infection control into their water and air handling systems. Our industry leading Chlorine Dioxide water treatment solutions conform to the requirements of the latest WHO regulations.

Applications include:

•    Site wide Legionella control systems

•    Disinfection to combat Clostridium difficile

•    Hand and surface sanitisation to combat MRSA

Legionnaires’ disease

Our Chlorine Dioxide systems are widely used as a preventative measure against Legionnaires’ disease, which has been of increasing concern to healthcare professionals in recent years.

Common industrial and commercial water services provide the perfect conditions for Legionella bacteria growth. When the bacteria is present in high numbers in water sprays, they can be inhaled by the lungs and cause Legionnaires’ disease. Hot water systems in large buildings such as hospitals have been linked to many reported cases of the disease.

Infection Control

Scotmas are able to provide disinfection and sanitisation solutions to combat infectious diseases such as MRSA and Clostridium difficile. Our Chlorine Dioxide based systems and disinfectants are ideal for preventing outbreaks of infection throughout healthcare facilities. Scotmas can provide bespoke solutions according to your needs.

Our infection control products include hand and surface sanitisers that kill germs fast, enabling Healthcare professionals to focus on their jobs with confidence.

Water Treatment

Chlorine Dioxide is a powerful oxidising biocide which can be delivered directly into water lines. It is more powerful than Chlorine based water treatments, making it the perfect choice for Healthcare practices, where hygiene is of great importance.

The nature of Chlorine Dioxide makes it is an excellent virucidal and bactericidal agent, and it works in variable pH environments. Our water treatment systems are a cost effective solution, with a reduction of in biofilm build-up and less pipework corrosion.

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