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Scotmas is the first choice for operators and businesses requiring Chlorine Dioxide generators & dosing systems.

We specialise in delivering Chlorine Dioxide (ClO2) water treatment dosing systems using our industry-leading technology and expertise.

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Our team of experienced engineers and project managers ensure we provide a system that is exactly suited to your requirements. Scotmas has a continued commitment to R&D and active partnerships with several academic institutions. You can be assured that our ClO2 systems use the latest technology on the market.

Cidox+ Chlorine Dioxide Disinfection Tablets


Alpha R Chlorine Dioxide Generator

Alpha R

Bravo WA Chlorine Dioxide Generator

Bravo WA

Delta Chlorine Dioxide Generator.

Delta WA

Bravo MX Chlorine Dioxide Generator

Bravo MX

UltraPure Chlorine Dioxide Generator

Bravo UltraPure

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Chlorine Dioxide

The safe, broad spectrum biocide.

While Chlorine Dioxide (ClO2) belongs to the same family of biocides as the oxidising biocides, sharing more in common with them than its “chlorine” namesake, Chlorine Dioxide has a number of advantages over other oxidising biocides that make it more suitable for use in a number of water treatment applications.

When compared with other oxidising biocides, ClO2 has a significantly lower oxidation strength – this means that it reacts with fewer compounds, such as organic compounds and ammonia, yet is strong enough to attack the disulphide bonds found in the membranes of bacteria and other biological material.

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