Hospital Legionella Control

05 December 2016

By Steve Allan

Working in partnership with healthcare trusts, Scotmas has cutting edge Chlorine Dioxide (ClO2) technologies to assist in the fight against Legionella and pseudomonas. We have been working as ClO2 experts within the healthcare industry for over 10 years, and have recently installed a large Chlorine Dioxide system in a leading UK specialist emergency hospital.


Why use Chlorine Dioxide for your hospital? ClO2 has many advantages over chlorine and does not produce carcinogenic or hazardous by-products. Chlorine Dioxide dosing systems are a safe and efficient method of disinfecting your building’s water supply. Legionella and dangerous pathogens are destroyed by ClO2, protecting your patients when they need a safe drinking water supply most.

Chlorine Dioxide Dosing Systems for Healthcare

The Scotmas Bravo WA Chlorine Dioxide generator range is designed for the healthcare sector, and is ideal for meeting the stringent water quality requirements of critical care environments.

The Bravo WA is an efficient water treatment dosing system that produces ClO2 using low-strength chemical pre-cursors, which Scotmas also manufacture and supply. It is ideally suited to the healthcare environment.

The benefits of this unique Chlorine Dioxide generator include:

  • >95% efficiency at generating ClO2, which is a requirement for healthcare under the HTM-04-01 regulations
  • Submerged reactor technology (360° water jacket); an external vessel of water surrounds the inner ClO2 vessel, meaning safety is assured
  • In-built standard safety features; high level safety cut-off and continuous monitoring of ClO2 and chlorite levels within the water system
  • ClO2 gas vapour detector as standard, shuts down the system in the event of an activation
  • Long generator lifespan of 10+ years, with a total lifecycle cost of over 10 years
  • No need to store concentrated ClO2 on-site; ClO2 is generated at the point of injection into the water stream

Bravo WA Chlorine Dioxide Generator - Flooded Reactor

A Full ClO2 Service for Your Water Treatment Needs

Scotmas can provide a complete service from the design and planning, through to a streamlined installation of your ClO2 system. Our highly trained engineers are experts in their field and are on hand to help, ensuring there is no disruption to hospital day-to-day activities.

Scotmas do not use sub-contractors. We offer full on-site and off-site support, as well as full monitoring via our integrated InSite™ system. Scotmas and all of our engineers are Reset Accredited, which is the currently the preferred option for the Healthcare sector.

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