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21 November 2016

By Steve Allan

Why are Scotmas Constructionline & Reset Accredited?

As part of Scotmas’ continuous development, we are always monitoring health and safety requirements within the water treatment industry. Therefore, we identified the need to be both Reset and Constructionline accredited.

The Reset accreditation gives our customers assurance that Scotmas adheres to the highest health & safety, and quality procedures possible. Scotmas are fully compliant with current HSE legislation standards. This accreditation can also speed up the entry process of our engineers getting access to your sites.

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In addition, Scotmas are Constructionline accredited, meaning we can operate within new build projects or building renovations. All Scotmas engineers hold industry standard CSCS Cards (Construction Skills Certification Scheme) and CCNSG Safety Passports (Client Contractor National Safety Group).

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As part of our strict quality management policies, Scotmas equipment is manufactured in accordance with the Global ISO9001 standard, and we have strong environmental awareness.

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Why Use ClO2 for Building Services Water Management?

ClO2 reduces the risk of Legionella and destroys dangerous pathogens in the water stream to provide a safe and clean drinking water supply. One of the many benefits of Chlorine Dioxide is that it has a low oxidation strength, meaning it does not form harmful or hazardous by-products unlike other chemicals such as chlorine. Chlorine Dioxide has a higher oxidation capacity than other traditional biocides and it is known to be 2.6 times more powerful than chlorine per ppm. 

If you want a safe and efficient method of water treatment in your building; Chlorine Dioxide provides the answer. It is less corrosive and works over a wide pH, when compared with traditional biocides.

Scotmas are experienced Chlorine Dioxide providers in the Healthcare & Building Services sector. Our outstanding knowledge of ClO2 and our accreditations, have allowed us to successfully tender for and be awarded a renewal contract for Dewsbury District Hospital, part of the Mid Yorkshire Hospitals NHS Trust, for the next 3 years.

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