Scotmas Group Listed in ‘Philanthropic Top 30 for 2017’ by Real Business

17 April 2017

By Kirsty McLaren

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One might say that the sense of community here at Scotmas Group is because we are a family business, which is true, but we are also a growing SME that has few levels of hierarchy in our organisational structure. This ultimately has allowed our Chairman Derek Cameron, and his sons in managerial positions to interact directly with all levels of staff.  

We not only strive to be the leading Water Treatment Technology manufacturer and exporter in the UK, but at Scotmas we have always made sure to incorporate good social and environmental practices within our product innovation, planning and execution.

Some examples of Corporate Social Responsibility in Scotmas Group Include:

  • Design and manufacture of the Bravo-Hydro Water Treatment Generator:

Scotmas are in the process of installing the Bravo-Hydro in 40 rural communities in Botswana, where it is expected that the health and standard of life will improve significantly as a result of having ready access to a clean, sustainable source of water.

  • Accredited with a Silver Award as Investors in Young People:

Scotmas actively seeks opportunities to work with apprentices and interns to develop what can be a very specific skill set in an area of country with low numbers of technically trained individuals. Our commitment to rigorous training programs, and promotion within and across teams has resulted in continued high levels of staff morale, retention and ownership across the business.

Other areas include: STEM Ambassador Graduate Employee opportunities, accreditation as a Living Wage Employer and so on.

Scotmas Group Managing Director Alistair Cameron also added,

Whilst we are a profit driven, wholly commercial enterprise, we are proud of our roots in the local community in the Scottish Borders, and we believe that active citizenship, whether in the form of educational outreach, community involvement or an ethical approach to business is quite simply the right thing to do. We have benefited tremendously from community and local Government support as we have grown our business over the years, and we hope that the small things that we do to give back to the community go some way to repaying that debt. We would not have it any other way.’

We are thrilled to be recognised and listed as a #Philanthropic30 UK SME enterprise for 2017.

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