ClO2 for Pioneering Water Treatment System

26 January 2017

By Alistair Cameron

A new £54 million water treatment works is under way in the town of Oswestry, near the Welsh border. A pioneering system is being put into place to treat water for nearly 1 million tap users in Liverpool and parts of Cheshire, using the powerful oxidant Chlorine Dioxide.

Scotmas is delighted to be working in partnership with C2V+ on this project (a VolkerStevin and CH2M joint venture), on behalf of United Utilities. 

It is a major overhaul to the pre-existing 23 Victorian-era slow sand filters, which still use the same process installed in 1890. This substantial upgrade will see the first large scale Chlorine Dioxide system used for public water treatment in the UK.

OswestryOswestry Water Treatment Works Under Construction

The Chlorine Dioxide (ClO2) generated by the system will effectively remove iron and manganese from 210 million litres of water per day. Although these minerals are not harmful to health, they do affect the water’s taste and colour. Chlorine Dioxide is one of the most powerful biocides available for use anywhere in the world. Working through selective oxidation, ClO2 is able to be targeted where it is needed most, disinfecting water quickly and at lower dose rates than other biocides.

At the Oswestry water treatment site, the Chlorine Dioxide system will include automatic monitoring of chemical dosing, to ensure water safety and quality.

For more information on this pioneering venture, read this in-depth article in New Civil Engineer

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