Alpha Digital Water Treatment for Agricultural Applications

19 December 2018

By John Cove

Touch Screen AgricultureScotmas are delighted to announce the imminent release of the new Alpha digital water treatment platform for agricultural applications.

The culmination of a comprehensive research and testing programme, the new Alpha systems are designed to provide agricultural businesses with complete traceability, efficiency and accuracy in water management, whilst keeping capital and operating costs to very manageable levels.

At the heart of all Scotmas’ systems is Chlorine Dioxide.  In the new Alpha it is generated in a redesigned reactor system, optimising the conversion of Chlorine Dioxide and minimising chemical consumption.  Online monitoring of water flows and chemical consumption is provided as standard, guaranteeing traceability and maximising efficiency.

 A touchscreen control panel makes the system very easy to use.  Production cycles can be preset covering varying dosing rates throughout the cycle, pause periods and tank dosing during intercrop periods.

 Scotmas are proud to have been a leading innovator in the development of Chlorine Dioxide solutions for more than 20 years. Now with three generations of the founder’s family actively involved in operations, the business is going from strength to strength, constantly developing the product offering and supporting key industries with appropriate technical personnel.

 To celebrate the launch of this ground-breaking innovation, Scotmas are delighted to announce a seamless upgrade to this platform to existing customers, and to those who are considering their options, free-issue installation subject to our standard terms and conditions.

 For agricultural applications including organic production, vegetable processing, soil preparation, ruminant and monogastric sites, and arable applications, our agricultural team can be contacted directly on or call 01573 226901.