11 March 2019

By John Cove

Scotmas Agriculture : Reliable, responsive specialists

With more than half a century of experience of the agriculture sector, you can rely on Scotmas to ensure that your animals or crops are consuming clean water, without the taste and by product issues that affect many other water treatment methods.

We provide an end-to-end approach:  Our in house agricultural experts don't just sell a box, we design a system to suit your individal requirements.  Scotmas' systems use the latest, highly efficient pumps and controllers, keeping your chemical costs to the absolute minimum whilst still ensuring that your water distribution network is free of the devastating bacteria that can cause so much damage.

Once the system is ready for installation, our on site teams will install any equipment quickly and efficiently, leaving you with a highly effective, low maintenance solution to your water biosecurity needs.  Remote monitoring provides clear track of chemical consumption and an effective early warning for any potential problems.

We have a new, very short video to introduce our service, please click the link on the right to access.