Industrial strength odour control and elimination

15 September 2021

By John Cove

No Pets, No Smoking.  Someone didn’t read the rules!

A new arrival at Scotmas recently. A temporary hire van that didn’t seem to have been cleaned since it rolled out the factory gates. Wow, it smelled in there!

Some dirt was removable, (we diagnosed a white dog, a heavy smoker, and something unmentionable over the loading area floor) but much of the odour was buried, deeply ingrained into the upholstery and the woodwork.Abscent Van3

The Engineers would have preferred a van that didn’t smell so awful, but it did at least provide an opportunity to put Scotmas Abscent odour elimination sachets to the test.

Most odour control products do nothing about the cause of the bad smell. Rather, they emit a ‘pleasant’ smell which is stronger than the bad odour, in the hope that by the time the odour control product has faded, the bad odour will have too. Not much use where the source of the odour is deeply ingrained.

In contrast, Scotmas  Abscent uses Chlorine Dioxide to penetrate porous surfaces by “selective oxidisation”, meaning the neutraliser is targeted where it is needed most. The self-activating sachets react with the humidity in the air to release a controlled amount of Chlorine Dioxide. After being released, the Chlorine Dioxide safely reduces into common salts. 

Did it work?


Sachets were hung in the cab and the back of the van, the doors were locked and the van was left. The sachets take a little time to activate using moisture in the air, so twenty-four hours later there wasn’t a discernible difference.  There was a smell of Chlorine Dioxide, but no noticeable difference to the smell in the front or the back of the van.Abscent Van2

Forty-eight hours later, there was a considerable difference. The smell in both areas had faded considerably as the chlorine dioxide in the Abscent sachet attacked the source of the odour.  The more embedded the odour, the longer it will take to remove it, but in just 48 hours, Abscent sachets had made a real difference to unpleasant ingrained odours.

Abscent is suitable for a huge variety of odour control applications, including:

  • Destroy the smell of smoke.
  • Remove smells following flood damage.
  • Destroy odours from dead rats or mice, e.g. in lofts or cavity walls.
  • Refresh empty rooms in care homes, hotels or other residential establishments.
  • Remove “fusty smells” due to the build-up of bacteria on air conditioner filter heads
  • Destroy residual waste smells in bins

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