Scotmas began as a family-owned business and remains so to this day.

Despite our humble origins, the company has grown significantly and now boasts a global network of sales offices, joint ventures, and production centres, in addition to our Scottish Head Office.

Our team comprises a diverse range of skilled professionals, including chemists, microbiologists, medical doctors, craftsmen, engineers, and technical consultants.

We take pride in fostering a workplace culture that values and encourages diversity, which enables us to draw on the talents and experiences of our staff from over 12 different nationalities and 6 different languages.

By continuously investing in cutting-edge IT and infrastructure, our teams are able to operate effectively on projects around the world, providing our clients with a truly local service, backed by global experience.

Chemist working in lab. Scotmas - Chlorine Dioxide Specialist.
Planning Session - Scotmas.
Scotmas Engineer - Chlorine Dioxide Specialist.
CAD Technician - Scotmas.

Our Board Members

Alistair Cameron, CEO, Scotmas
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Alistair Cameron – CEO

An experienced manager and founding member of the business, Alistair has been at the forefront of efforts to commercialise Scottish water technologies.

As a microbiology graduate from the University of Edinburgh, Alistair’s scientific background has helped to create a Company which values innovation and scientific knowledge as key areas for business success.

Alistair is currently the supervisor for two Knowledge Transfer Partnership research projects, as well as overseeing various academic contract research projects and partnerships with European Universities.

Alistair is a board member of Chemical Sciences Scotland and Interface, the knowledge connection for business.

Ewen Cameron, Agriculture Director, Scotmas
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Ewan Cameron – Agriculture Director

As Agriculture Director, Ewan has over 35 years’ experience in livestock production and food processing, working across many regions of the world including Europe, South America, Africa and the Middle East.

Ewan has an intricate knowledge of Chlorine Dioxide application techniques, combined with a sympathetic understanding of agriculture production methods.

A highly qualified expert in the industry, Ewan has a Masters in Avian Science, a HND in Poultry Production, and a HNC in Poultry Husbandry, and can advise on bespoke biosecurity programmes to improve livestock wellbeing, productivity and subsequent profits for your business.

Nicola Cameron, Commercial Director, Scotmas.
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Nicola Cameron – Commercial Director

Nicola left the world of agency marketing to join the family business in 2011. Nicola leads the Marketing Team for Scotmas Group and has responsibility for the Consumer Solutions division of the group.

Nicola holds a BSC Hons in Biological Sciences from the University of Edinburgh, has over 14 years of Direct Marketing industry experience and an IDM Diploma in Direct & Interactive Marketing.

Derek Cameron, Founder, Scotmas

Derek Cameron – Founder

Derek Cameron first applied Chlorine Dioxide chemistry in 1980 when remediating poorly performing agricultural and food processing units in West Africa. Building on this experience, Derek established Scotmas in 1999 to apply the same Chlorine Dioxide chemistry to a variety of markets around the world.

Derek led the business from its inception, first as Managing Director and more recently as Chairman, and his vision, drive and determination have been fundamental to its continued growth and success.  Derek sold the business and retired in March 2020.