Scotmas is working towards Net Zero by 2025

Updates from Our Recycling Initiative - April 2024 - Scotmas

Updates from Our Recycling Initiative – April 2024

Scotmas has recently established a team of employee volunteers who are passionate about creating a positive impact on the environment. The team’s main objective is to achieve Net Zero by 2025 and obtain B Corp certification for the company. They have been working tirelessly to develop and implement sustainable solutions to reduce the company’s carbon…

Why is achieving Net Zero essential to Scotmas?

Why is Achieving Net Zero Essential to Scotmas?

As the world is becoming more conscious of the impact of climate change, businesses across all industries are striving to reduce their carbon footprint. Scotmas is committed to achieving net-zero carbon emissions by 2025, and this is not just a lofty goal but a crucial step towards a sustainable future. Here are some reasons why…

Chemist working in lab. Scotmas - Chlorine Dioxide Specialist.

Leading the Way in Innovative, Efficient and Safe Chlorine Dioxide Generation Systems

Scotmas has been at the forefront of developing and manufacturing advanced Chlorine Dioxide generation systems for over 25 years.  Chlorine Dioxide is a highly effective disinfectant that has become increasingly popular recently for its ability to kill pathogens without leaving harmful residues. Scotmas provides reliable protection against waterborne pathogens like Legionella and Pseudomonas using advanced…