Our proprietary product, Biox, is a low alkalinity stabilised Chlorine Dioxide precursor that is designed to provide a safe source of Chlorine Dioxide in compliance with EN12971.

Biox is used in our Alpha and Bravo WA dosing systems and is reacted with dilute acid to produce Chlorine Dioxide easily and simply at the point of use.

With its unique low alkalinity chemistry, Biox ensures maximum conversion efficiency of Chlorine Dioxide without the use of concentrated acids. Additionally, Biox is safe and easy to handle due to its low alkalinity chemistry, which minimizes handling hazards.

Moreover, the unique chemistry of Biox used in combination with Scotmas generation systems ensures the best possible conversion efficiency for high purity applications, providing you with a reliable and efficient solution.

Biox is a low alkalinity stabilised Chlorine Dioxide precursor. Scotmas

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