Cidox Disinfectant Tablets

More powerful than equivalent chlorine tablets or bleach, whilst using one tenth of the chemicals.

Cidox®  - Chlorine Dioxide High Level Disinfectant Tablets

Cidox®  - Chlorine Dioxide High Level Disinfectant Tablets

Easy to Use Chlorine Dioxide for Disinfection on Demand

Chlorine Dioxide

Unrivalled disinfecting power, lower corrosion rates, greater selectivity to target biological contaminants, and significantly fewer environmental side effects compared to bleach and chlorine tablets.

Cidox tablets use the power of ClO2 to make a high level sporicidal disinfection solution that is more powerful than equivalent chlorine tablets or bleach, yet uses one tenth of the chemicals.

A high level, medical grade disinfectant suitable for disinfection use in healthcare areas including the cleandown of hard surfaces, mattress covers and walls / floors, Cidox™ is tested to EN14561 for use on medical surfaces.

Cidox is supplied as a safely packaged, single use tablet, which is added to the required quantity of water to make a powerful high level disinfection solution that can be used in the most challenging disinfectant applications.

Effective yet less corrosive: Cidox solutions are less corrosive than equivalent chlorine or peroxide disinfectants, whilst providing sporicidal, fungicidal, bactericidal and viricidal effectiveness when tested against the most challenging European Standards.

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Cidox has also been proven to pass exacting European Test Standards EN1276 and EN13697, ensuring: 

  • 99.999% kill of test bacteria in suspension
  • 99.99% kill of test bacteria on surfaces
  • 99.9% kill of test fungi on surfaces

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