A choice of technologies and products, backed by over 30 years of experience

ClO2 Generators and Chemicals

Scotmas were the first company in Europe to produce simpler, easier to use Chlorine Dioxide chemicals and generators. Over the last 30 years we have grown to be a world leader in this emerging technology.

The market for Chlorine Dioxide has rapidly expanded as Governments and commercial enterprises search for ever more effective and environmentally friendly biocides.

Applications for Chlorine Dioxide are today as diverse as the destruction of hydrogen peroxide in gas pipelines, through to the purification of water in critical care areas in hospitals, and the removal of mould and fungal contamination in flooded and fire damaged buildings.

Scotmas lead the market in producing a wide range of Chlorine Dioxide products that are used at all ends of the water treatment spectrum. From Chlorine Dixoide tablets that treat 1 litre of contaminated water for travellers, through to generators and the chemicals needed to treat municipal water for millions of citizens, Scotmas has the technology and experience that counts.