Disinfection, Cleaning and Odour Removal

A safe, reliable, proven range for the most demanding environments

Scotmas ChloroSan | Chlorine Disinfection Tablets and Granules

A powerful chlorine based tablet, supplied as a combination chlorine and detergent, chlorine only or granules.

Provides broad spectrum efficacy against bacteria, viruses, fungi and spores.

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Cleaning, Disinfection and Odour Removal

Scotmas offer a proven range of Chlorine Dioxide and Chlorine based cleaning, disinfection and odour removal products, particularly suited to healthcare, commercial and other similar environments where the highest hygiene standards are required.

Relying on the power of Chlorine Dioxide, Cidox tablets offer the ideal combination of disinfection power and selectivity to target biological contaminants.  Cidox tablets require no dosing systems, powder mixing or complicated dilution calculations.

Most odour control products work by masking the undesired odour with something else.  By contrast, Abscent penetrates porous surfaces, using the power of Chlorine Dioxide to permaneltly eliminate unwanted odours.

Developed, tested and manufactured in the U.K. Scotmas Disinfection and Cleaning products offer a proven means of keeping your environment clean, safe and odour free.

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