Scotmas Generator Chemicals - Efficient chemicals for better handling and safety in use

Scotmas has unmatched Chlorine Dioxide expertise to help you select the most effective solution for your disinfection or sanitation requirements.

For more than 30 years, Scotmas has considered safety in handling to be critical, having led the way with products that require little or no handling from the end user. Your safety is our priority. Scotmas chemical solutions do not require any manual pre-mixing of liquids or powders.

From chemicals provided as part of a dosing unit and installed by our experienced engineers, to easy to use Cidox™ disinfection tablets, Scotmas offer a wide selection of Chlorine Dioxide products to meet your requirements.

All chemical products that we supply have undergone comprehensive in use testing to make sure they perform in practice, and in the most challenging conditions. Chlorine Dioxide is recognised as the most effective disinfectant, being 2.6 times more powerful than Chlorine alternatives. Only Chlorine Dioxide can deliver the biocidal power you need to destroy bacteria, biofilm, fungi and complex micro-organisms such as Cryptosporidium.