Alpha R

The ideal alternative to manual dosing using water disinfectant tablets or hazardous “pre-activated” disinfecting solutions

Alpha R Chlorine Dioxide Generator

Alpha R Chlorine Dioxide Generator

Robust, dependable chlorine dioxide generators for small scale water disinfection

Scotmas Alpha R | Chlorine Dioxide Generator

Combat the most challenging waterborne bacteria such as Pseudomonas, Legionella and coliforms with a low maintenance chlorine dioxide generator.

The Alpha R is microprocessor controlled by a simple menu driven display, and will dose Chlorine Dioxide directly in proportion to the signals from an industry standard pulsed water meter.

  • Fully automatic alternative to manual dosing of water disinfecting tablets or hazardous “mixed” disinfectant solutions.
  • Intuitive, rugged design, highly suited to plant rooms and other industrial environments.  Pumps are integrated onto the controller to avoid manual changes.
  • Data.  Electronic control with on board data logging.
  • Simple, low cost installation.  No specialist installation skills required; can be installed direct to water line or in a feeder tank.
  • Consistent chemical levels.  Optional probe to monitor residual chemical levels downstream from the reactor.
  • Simple chemical storage.  Security bunded chemical enclosure available if required.
  • Suitable for remote / off grid locations.  Can be powered by solar and battery storage if necessary.

Treat up to 12,000 litres of water per hour at 0.5mg/l ClO2.

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