Drinking Water Treatment

Maximise Purity, Eliminate Harmful By-products

Drinking Water Treatment - Chlorine Dioxide is the solution for the removal of iron and manganese in water, and to eliminate the risks of excessive THM and bromate levels in heavily chlorinated water

DWI approved, Scotmas has the engineering excellence to deliver Chlorine Dioxide water treatment systems to your specifications. From simple bore-well treatment plants, to integrated solutions for the primary oxidation of iron in water and manganese, and the secondary disinfection of distribution systems, Scotmas has the technical expertise you need. All Chlorine Dioxide drinking water treatment systems are built-in house at our Engineering Site, ensuring excellence in build quality.

Our experience applying Chlorine Dioxide in challenging environments, includes the primary oxidation of complex taste and odour contaminants from drinking water supplies. Using a professional ClO2 system removes the risk of high levels of chlorinated by-products and leads to THM reduction.

Contact us today regarding your project. Our friendly experts are able to advise on all aspects of regulatory and environmental support, as well as providing world-class expertise on all aspects of your water disinfection requirements.


Chlorine Dioxide in Municipal Drinking Systems

Chlorine Dioxide is an extremely safe and cost effective alternative to Chlorine. Scotmas are leading the way in implementing Chlorine Dioxide for a number of municipal water disinfection projects around the world.