Drinking Water Treatment

Maximise Purity, Eliminate Harmful By-products

Drinking Water Treatment | Chlorine Dioxide is the solution for the removal of iron and manganese in water, and to eliminate the risks of excessive THM and bromate levels in heavily chlorinated water

DWI approved, Scotmas has the engineering excellence to deliver Chlorine Dioxide water treatment systems to your specifications. From simple bore-well treatment plants, to integrated solutions for the primary oxidation of iron in water and manganese, and the secondary disinfection of distribution systems, Scotmas has the technical expertise you need.

All Chlorine Dioxide drinking water treatment systems are built-in house at our Engineering Site, ensuring excellence in build quality.

Our experience applying Chlorine Dioxide in challenging environments, includes the primary oxidation of complex taste and odour contaminants from drinking water supplies. Using a professional ClO2 system removes the risk of high levels of chlorinated by-products and leads to THM reduction.

Contact us today regarding your project. Our experts are able to advise on all aspects of regulatory and environmental support, as well as providing world-class expertise on all aspects of your water disinfection requirements.

Municipal Water Supplies

Maximise purity, eliminate THM and Bromate issues 

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  • Chlorine Dioxide water treatment was first applied in European drinking water in 1956, as a pre-oxidant to remove iron and manganese contamination from raw water prior to treatment.
  • Today, Chlorine Dioxide is applied throughout the treatment train - from the pre-treatment of raw and reverse osmosis feedstocks, through to the final disinfection and maintenance of a residual in the distribution network.
  • Applications for Chlorine Dioxide in municipal water disinfection are being driven by the ever stricter requirements of WHO standards, and associated national regulations that restrict the levels of harmful Bromates, Trihalomethanes (THMs) and other chlorinated organic compounds that are permitted to be present in drinking water supplies. Chlorine Dioxide water purification is an effective solution for THM reduction. 

Borehole & Private Water

Trusted around the world to deliver Chlorine Dioxide to public drinking water, Scotmas bring the same exacting standards & technology to your private water supply

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  • In the UK, local authorities are holding private water supply operators to ever greater scrutiny, to ensure the safety and security of water is upheld to the Private Water Supplies Regulations.
  • Often borehole companies will fit a simple hypochlorite dosing system to a newly connected supply, along with a water filter if needed. Where a local authority detects high levels of E Coli, Legionella, total coliforms, Pseudomonas or TVCs in your water supply, this simple chlorination treatment is unlikely to be sufficient.
  • Scotmas manufacture and support advanced borehole treatment systems based on Chlorine Dioxide. Chlorine Dioxide in water is several times more powerful than hypochlorite, yet is safe and easy to handle. Utilising the same ClO2 advanced chemistry used in our larger Chlorine Dioxide water treatment systems for public water supplies, our borehole treatment systems are suitable for small scale water disinfection.
  • Fitted by your existing water treatment specialist or a local plumber; a Scotmas water disinfection system delivers the biocidal power of Chlorine Dioxide and will reduce bacterial counts in your water system significantly. Contact us now for details.

Disaster Relief

Fast moving disaster relief situations mean you need a water treatment that you can rely on. Proven to be several times more effective than chlorine, our ClO2 products are the answer

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  • Whilst measures such as water boiling and chlorination with bleach provide a good “first response”, there are often cases where more is required to provide adequate control of biological pathogens, whilst ensuring the water is palatable and available in high volumes.
  • Scotmas products and engineered solutions are applied by military, NGO and charitable organisations to deliver high quality water where it is needed most.
  • The limitations of chlorine based water treatments are well understood and documented.  High dose rates are required, and it is unable to inactivate some viruses and complex pathogens such as cryptosporidium and giardia. ClO2 from Scotmas can be applied as a better alternative in a number of forms:
  1. A simple and easy to use tablet, suitable for water volumes between 1 and 25 litres
  2. Simple liquid dosing of water bowsers and tanks
  3. Pre-engineered treatment skids and containerised plant that combine state of the art filtration technology with the biocidal power of ClO2, and can be rapidly deployed to camps and transit facilities to respond to medium term water treatment requirements
  • No matter the scale of the situation, Scotmas have the products, experience and technical capability to deliver a water treatment solution that is scalable and cost effective for your requirements.

Wastewater Treatment

ClO2 offers a low cost, highly effective alternative to UV and Peroxide treatments

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  • Operators are seeking alternatives to chlorination of treated wastewater.
  • Whilst chlorination using gaseous chlorine and hypochlorite has been the default option for wastewater disinfection for many decades, the increasing complexities associated with regulatory compliance mean that most operators are now seeking alternatives.
  • Chlorine dioxide treatment of wastewater offers a safe, environmentally friendly alternative that is ideally suited for wastewater applications. The unique properties of ClO2 mean that it does not produce toxic chlorinated by-products as a result of the disinfection, and its selective action ensures that it does not react with inert compounds in the same way as peroxides and ozone, thereby drastically reducing the dose rates needed.
  • ClO2 is able to cope with turbid waters, and requires low maintenance – making it an ideal alternative to UV systems. Unlike UV, ClO2 will also remove both H2S odours and the sulphide reducing bacteria that cause odour complaints and corrosion.
  • ClO2 degrades to harmless salt in waste water networks, making it an ideal environmentally friendly alternative.
  • Scotmas manufacture robust and reliable ClO2 disinfection systems ideally suited for wastewater treatment and odour control applications. Full on-board data logging and control is available for environmental audit purposes.


Chlorine Dioxide in Municipal Drinking Systems

Chlorine Dioxide is an extremely safe and cost effective alternative to Chlorine. Scotmas are leading the way in implementing Chlorine Dioxide for a number of municipal water disinfection projects around the world.