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Protection from Dangerous Bacteria with Traceable Results

Scotmas deliver proven, hassle free protection against Legionella, Pseudomonas and other waterborne pathogens using the power of Chlorine Dioxide

Building owners and facilities managers face ever increasing scrutiny of their water distribution systems. The traditional approach of simply heating hot water to above 50C has been shown to be insufficient for a number of buildings. An effective additional level of protection is often needed, particularly for legionella control to comply with L8 regulations.

Scotmas can provide an automatic, fully monitored ClO2 water disinfection system to eliminate legionella, pseudomonas and other bacteria at source - within the biofilm that builds up in your water distribution pipework. Working alongside your water treatment professional or facilities management provider, Chlorine Dioxide legionella control offers the most effective solution for the effective removal of pathogens.

Our equipment is designed with full auditing and data-logging to conform with the requirements of your Risk Assessment or Water Safety Plan, and our experienced installers and technical advisors liaise with your risk assessors and consultants to ensure the highest standards of water safety are maintained.

Our water treatment systems are complemented by a range of one-off disinfection and air hygiene products that can be used in the most challenging situations. Whether your building is a hospital, hotel or other public building, you can rely on Scotmas to deliver an effective and reliable solution to your water disinfection requirements. 


Legionella Control for Building Services and Facilities Managers

Chlorine Dioxide legionella control offers the most effective method for the treatment of hot and cold water systems. Chlorine Dioxide can be applied as an additional control measure, or where it is not feasible to maintain hot water temperatures above 50C.


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Chlorine Dioxide for Healthcare & Building Services