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Protection from Dangerous Bacteria with Traceable Results

Scotmas deliver proven, hassle free protection against Legionella, Pseudomonas and other waterborne pathogens using the power of Chlorine Dioxide

Building owners and facilities managers face ever increasing scrutiny of their water distribution systems. The traditional approach of heating hot water to above 50C has been shown to be insufficient for a number of buildings. An effective additional level of protection is often needed, particularly for legionella control to comply with L8 regulations.

Scotmas can provide an automatic, fully monitored ClO2 water disinfection system to eliminate legionella, pseudomonas and other bacteria at source - within the biofilm that builds up in your water distribution pipework. Working alongside your water treatment professional or facilities management provider, Chlorine Dioxide legionella control offers the most effective solution for the effective removal of pathogens.

Our equipment is designed with full auditing and data-logging to conform with the requirements of your Risk Assessment or Water Safety Plan, and our experienced installers and technical advisors liaise with your risk assessors and consultants to ensure the highest standards of water safety are maintained.

Our water treatment systems are complemented by a range of one-off disinfection and air hygiene products that can be used in the most challenging situations. Whether your building is a hospital, hotel or other public building, you can rely on Scotmas to deliver an effective and reliable solution to your water disinfection requirements. 

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The Institute of Healthcare Engineering and Estate Management is an independent professional engineering institute providing guidance and development opportunities for engineers and estate managers in the healthcare sector.

Scotmas are pleased to support the Institute as corporate members of IHEEM.

Hospital Water Supplies

24/7 protection from legionella, pseudomonas and other dangerous bacteria.

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  • Healthcare environments present some of the greatest challenges in keeping complex hot and cold water systems free from dangerous pathogens such as Legionella.
  • Vulnerable elderly, young, and immunocompromised patients, such as those on burns and transplant wards must be protected from all possible sources of infection. Chlorine Dioxide is an effective method for the removal of pseudomonas in hospital water.
  • Scotmas pioneered the use of Chlorine Dioxide within the UK NHS in the late 1990s. Today we are proud to be able to protect over 20,000 patients in trusts across the country who use our advanced Chlorine Dioxide dosing systems, to provide high quality water where it is needed most.
  • Our approach begins with a thorough understanding of your current Water Safety Plan and Risk Assessment. Our in-house team of microbiologists and medical professionals are fully conversant with healthcare specific regulations such as HTM04-01, and are on hand to discuss your requirements and current areas of concern on a totally confidential basis.
  • Next, our team of engineers install one of our advanced Chlorine Dioxide dosing and control systems within the plant room. These systems generate tiny amounts of Chlorine Dioxide on-demand within the water system, for safe hospital legionella control. We ensure that there is no storage of "free" Chlorine Dioxide solutions which present a health and safety risk.
  • Finally, we use monitoring and control devices placed in strategic locations around the premises to data-log and feedback on the levels of biocide within the water at point of use. This helps to protect areas of high vulnerability such as neonatal or dialysis wards, as well as provide valuable feedback on potential areas of bacterial contamination in the water system. This information is logged on-site, as well as via our secured web portal that will provide you up to 3 years of auditable records at the click of a mouse.
  • Chlorine Dioxide treatments from Scotmas are affordable, approved by regulators for continuous use in drinking water supplies, and are backed by professionals totally committed to ensuring the highest standards of patient safety.

Laboratory & Disinfection

The powerful disinfecting qualities of ClO2 make it an ideal alternative to glutaraldehyde, quaternary and peroxide based disinfectants

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  • Challenging disinfection requirements need effective products to be delivered in a format that is safe and easy to handle.
  • Leveraging our experience in Chlorine Dioxide technology, Scotmas offer a wide range of tablet and liquid disinfectant products, as well as working with leading formulators and brand leaders to develop customised ClO2 products such as wipes, sachets and vapour disinfection systems that are already integrated into leading disinfectant brands around the world.
  • Our work with the most challenging disinfection problems gives us a deep understanding of industry needs. Our strong technical focus and unparalled experience and testing/technical library allows us to work with formulators in different markets around the World to deliver practical ClO2 products that meet the most challenging standards, such as EN13697 for the removal of bacteria, fungi and spores from surfaces.
  • For end users requiring a simple source of ClO2 disinfectant in liquid form, our Cidox tablets can simply be added to water in order to produce a powerful disinfecting solution that is safe and easy to handle.

HVAC, Fire, Flood & Building Remediation

HVAC, Fire, Flood & Building Remediation - Bad odours, mould, fungi and spores can be eliminated from buildings using the power of ClO2

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  • Building Sickness is a term often used for the loss of productivity caused by the transmission of viruses, bacteria and fungi through poorly maintained HVAC and humidification systems.
  • Similarly, domestic properties and recreational vehicles are often plagued by “musty” odours caused by lack of use, fire and flood damage and tobacco odour can persist in rooms and cars for weeks after first exposure.
  • Where traditional air fresheners and odour absorbents fail, the Scotmas Abscent Sachet is designed to deliver the oxidative power of chlorine dioxide in a simple, safe and convenient sachet that can be placed within a room or air handling duct to effectively oxidise the odour causing compounds at source. Abscent sachets use natural humidity to gradually release chlorine dioxide vapour into the surrounding atmosphere and destroy odours. 
  • Following fire or flood damage, our Hysan antifungal treatment is extensively used by disaster recovery professionals and insurance contractors to penetrate deeply into wooden structures and plasterboard to destroy the fungal spores that can so often cause persistent mold and fungal problems for years to come. The treatment is fast, effective, and does not leave behind any harmful quantities of chemical residual.

Legionella Control

WHO Water Safety plans being adopted by regulators around the world now encourage a holistic approach.

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  • Water management in buildings is now about far more than disinfecting tanks and legionella control.
  • Since the first recorded case of Legionnaires Disease, building managers have faced increasing regulatory oversight of their management of hot and cold water distribution systems in buildings.
  • In older or very complex buildings, it is difficult to maintain water temperatures at the outlet above the required 50C. Unused areas of the building, and pipework dead-legs often create reservoirs of bacterial contamination that break out to re-infect water systems, causing persistent “legionella positive” failures when bacteriological testing is carried out.
  • Chlorine Dioxide legionella control offers the most effective method for the treatment of hot and cold water systems. Chlorine Dioxide can be applied as an additional control measure, or where it is not feasible to maintain hot water temperatures >50C.
  • L8 legislation and guidance such as the UKs HSG274, encourages operators to move from the simple “Risk Assessment” methodology to a complete “Water Safety Plan”, as being encouraged worldwide by the WHO. This means that operators must look at the wider aspects of water treatment in buildings, including the presence of pseudomonas, biofilms and other factors that might cause bacterial illness.
  • Our unparalleled experience and extensive product range make us the ideal partner for facilities managers and water treatment professionals looking to introduce ClO2 as part of their water management strategy. 

Legionella Control Association

Scotmas are members of the LCA (Legionella Control Association) for the application of our products and equipment for legionella control. You can check out the details of our membership and download our certificate and code of conduct here. 

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Legionella Control for Building Services and Facilities Managers

Chlorine Dioxide legionella control offers the most effective method for the treatment of hot and cold water systems. Chlorine Dioxide can be applied as an additional control measure, or where it is not feasible to maintain hot water temperatures above 50C.


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