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Tobacco odours, mould and bacteria are all effectively destroyed by ClO2 from Abscent

HVAC, Fire, Flood & Building Remediation - Bad odours, mould, fungi and spores can be eliminated from buildings using the power of ClO2

Building Sickness is a term often used for the loss of productivity caused by the transmission of viruses, bacteria and fungi through poorly maintained HVAC and humidification systems.

Similarly, domestic properties and recreational vehicles are often plagued by “musty” odours caused by lack of use, fire and flood damage and tobacco odour can persist in rooms and cars for weeks after first exposure.

Where traditional air fresheners and odour absorbents fail, the Scotmas Abscent Sachet is designed to deliver the oxidative power of chlorine dioxide in a simple, safe and convenient sachet that can be placed within a room or air handling duct to effectively oxidise the odour causing compounds at source. Abscent sachets use natural humidity to gradually release chlorine dioxide vapour into the surrounding atmosphere and destroy odours. 

Following fire or flood damage, our Hysan antifungal treatment is extensively used by disaster recovery professionals and insurance contractors to penetrate deeply into wooden structures and plasterboard to destroy the fungal spores that can so often cause persistent mold and fungal problems for years to come. The treatment is fast, effective, and does not leave behind any harmful quantities of chemical residual.

Where challenging biological problems threaten day to day business, professionals turn to Scotmas for leading edge solutions.

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Abscent Odour Neutraliser Sachets
Abscent Odour Neutraliser Sachets

Manufactured for vehicles and rooms of all sizes, Abscent sachets are your ideal method of delivering the odour control power of ClO2


Combining the power of Chlorine Dioxide with the long term action of low concentrations of QAC, Hysan is an ideal liquid treatment for fungal spores and airborne viral infections


Chlorine Dioxide Chemistry

Chlorine Dioxide is the ideal water disinfection and purification product across a vast array of industries and applications.


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