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No Hassle, Safe and Reliable Chlorine Dioxide Systems

Robust, proven Chlorine Dioxide technology that delivers exceptional biocidal and oxidising power to some of the most challenging applications worldwide.

Chlorine Dioxide’s high oxidation capacity and low oxidation strength make it the ideal water biocide for hydrocarbon extraction applications, whether for sulphide scavenging, enhanced oil recovery, batch biociding, or injection water treatment. Chlorine Dioxide has low environmental impact, as it does not form chlorinated by-products and degrades to salt in most environments.

Scotmas extensive experience in the sector means our in-house engineering experts can deliver systems to your exact requirements. Systems provided range from pre-fabricated, oilfield certified skid mounted or containerised biocide solutions, through to customised engineered plants for the most demanding applications.

Our capabilities include full integration with your chemistry, corrosion engineering and environmental teams regarding compatibility. We can also offer a fully managed engineering solution comprising installation and site E&I controls. EX rated systems can also be supplied as required.

Enhanced Oil Recovery

Control bacteria, break polymers and increase injectivity with minimal environmental impact using the oxidative power of Chlorine Dioxide

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  • The use of non-oxidising biocides such as glutaraldehyde and quaternary ammonium has led to increasing concerns around environmental persistence and safety and handling concerns for these toxic chemicals.
  • Chlorine dioxide is different. It kills bacteria, and breaks down complex well-blocking compounds by pure oxidative action. When finished its work, it degrades to simple salt, leaving no persistent chlorinated by-products when compared to chlorine and “mixed oxidant” solutions.
  • Scotmas down well ClO2 systems have been designed from the ground up to deliver high performance and unparalled safety features suitable for ATEX environments. The low dose rates required by ClO2, and the precision dosing capabilities of our equipment mean that chemical handling and logistics concerns are minimised.
  • Our Projects team offer a range of skid mounted and containerised systems suitable for permanent or mobile application in the most challenging and hazardous environments. Our on site engineering support capabilities cover offshore deep-well applications through to onshore applications in challenging geographies around the world.

Water Injection

Maintaining well integrity starts with the quality of water that is injected. ClO2 effectively removes foulants and sulphate reducing bacteria (SRB), before they can impact on production.

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  • Only Chlorine Dioxide can deliver the required oxidative power for effective water injection and sulfide scavenging pre-treatment. For onshore or offshore production wells, the ineffective pre-treatment of injection water can lead to well plugging, increased pressures and reduced output.
  • Within many offshore environments, seawater electrochlorination systems originally installed on platforms have not always been operated effectively. The build-up of macrofoulants and biofilm on deaeration towers is testament to the ineffectiveness of seawater electrochlorination, which is unable to deliver the biocidal performance required at seawater pH.
  • Likewise, poorly filtered river or recycled produced water has the potential to introduce sulfide, iron, manganese and anaerobic bacteria to the well, which can cause well plugging and production losses.
  • Non oxidising biocides pose increased environmental risk and are not considered suitable for pre-treatment, whilst “surrogate” treatments such as THPS are only of use down well. Chlorine Dioxide is the best method for macrofouling control, with lower dose rates and lower environmental risks than chlorine, hypochlorite or “mixed oxidant” electrochemical systems.
  • Scotmas offer a range of skid mounted and containerised systems suitable for permanent or mobile application in the most challenging and hazardous environments. Our on-site engineering support capabilities cover offshore deep-well applications, through to onshore applications in challenging geographies around the world. 

Produced Water Treatment

ClO2 is an ideal biocide for use in tertiary produced water treatment applications, prior to reinjection or disposal

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  • The proven action of ClO2 on sulphide molecules makes it the ideal polishing agent to avoid the corrosion and safety hazards associated in dealing with H2S contaminated water.
  • The powerful oxidative action of ClO2 is also able to remove iron and manganese residuals which can act to plug downhole formations if not removed prior to reinjection.
  • Scotmas ClO2 systems are capable of being retrofitted, or introduced as an integral part of the PWT treatment train. Our ClO2 experts work alongside leading manufacturers of produced water reinjection systems and oilfield engineers in order to deliver systems that can perform effectively from day one.

Drinking & Service Water

Waterborne illness can severely affect productivity on offshore platforms and camps.  Protect yourself with ClO2

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  • The challenges associated with maintaining effective water hygiene in cramped and intensive working environments cannot be overlooked.
  • Taste, odour, legionella and general water hygiene are just some of the problems faced by those charged with providing accommodation services in the sector. The use of tankered water supplies and/or water makers make these challenges even more intensive, particularly when dealing with ageing infrastructure or temporary onshore camp accommodation.
  • Scotmas are able to offer robust, yet precise solutions to water treatment in these extreme environments. Using the same technology that keeps patients safe in hospitals around the world, Scotmas deliver a precision dose of ClO2 biocide to all bunkered water through hydrophore or tanker based systems, taking careful measurement of and pre-treatment that may have been carried out on the water prior to bunkering.


Project Engineering Specialists for CIO2

Scotmas offer a range of chlorine dioxide generators in containerised solutions to help support your water purification or water disinfection project. Choosing a containerised system means that the Chlorine Dioxide Generator can be built and fully tested to the highest of standards in our factory prior to delivery on-site. On delivery, a containerised ClO2 system is installed for minimum downtime and on-site disruption.