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No Hassle, Safe and Reliable Chlorine Dioxide Systems

Robust, proven Chlorine Dioxide technology that delivers exceptional biocidal and oxidising power to some of the most challenging applications worldwide.

Chlorine Dioxide’s high oxidation capacity and low oxidation strength make it the ideal water biocide for a number of hydrocarbon extraction applications, whether for sulphide scavenging, enhanced oil recovery, batch biociding, or injection water treatment. Chlorine Dioxide has low environmental impact, as it does not form chlorinated by-products and degrades to salt in most environments.

Scotmas’ extensive experience in the sector means our in-house engineering experts can deliver systems to your exact requirements. Systems provided range from pre-fabricated, oilfield certified skid mounted or containerised biocide solutions, through to customised engineered plants for the most demanding applications.

Our capabilities include full integration with your chemistry, corrosion engineering and environmental teams regarding compatibility. We can also offer a fully managed engineering solution comprising installation and site E&I controls. EX rated systems can also be supplied as required.


Project Engineering Specialists for CIO2

Scotmas offer a range of chlorine dioxide generators in containerised solutions to help support your water purification or water disinfection project. Choosing a containerised system means that the Chlorine Dioxide Generator can be built and fully tested to the highest of standards in our factory prior to delivery on-site. On delivery, a containerised ClO2 system is installed for minimum downtime and on-site disruption.