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Press Releases

January 2024: Scotmas and ACWA Power partner to promote “Green Desalination” and achieve UN Sustainable Development Goals.

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December 2023: Scotmas Service and Commercial Manager Completes Vistage Emerging Leader Programme

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November 2023: Scotmas Wins Prestigious VIBES Award for its Commitment to Environmental Sustainability.

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Podcast Guests & Speaking Engagements

Have you been searching for engaging guests for your podcast or industry event?

Look no further than Scotmas’ CEO Alistair Cameron and Commercial Director Nicola Cameron. With their wealth of experience and expertise in the field, Alistair and Nicola are available to appear as keynote speakers or as individual guests on your podcast.

They can share insights on various topics such as water treatment, entrepreneurship, innovation, overcoming business challenges and developing ground-breaking technology. Their engaging personalities and deep industry knowledge make them ideal guests for any podcast or event.

Alistair Cameron - Podcast Guest And Speaker

Alistair Cameron
CEO / Entrepreneur

Nicola Cameron stands out as a dynamic and forward-thinking leader in the business world and is currently the Commercial Director of Scotmas.

Nicola Cameron
Commercial Director