Alistair Cameron - Podcast Guest And Speaker

Alistair Cameron

CEO / Entrepreneur

Alistair is an engaging podcast guest and speaker who provides valuable insights into navigating the challenges of modern business and entrepreneurship.

Scotmas is a world leader in Chlorine Dioxide (ClO2) chemistry and application, boasting over 30 years of experience applying ClO2 to diverse environments and uses.

With over 50 employees across Scotland and worldwide sales and support locations, the company’s technology makes reverse osmosis desalination more accessible to water-stressed, developing world populations.

Recognised as a leader in sustainability and ethical business practices, Scotmas has established long term relationships with Governments and leading bulk water providers around the world to transition water disinfection practices away from legacy gas chlorination practices.

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Alistair Cameron is a distinguished figure in the entrepreneurial landscape, serving as the CEO and a foundational pillar of Scotmas.

His academic journey in microbiology at the University of Edinburgh laid the groundwork for a career characterised by innovation, technological advancement, and strategic leadership.

Alistair’s expertise extends across IT networking, sensor technology, and electronics, showcasing a multifaceted skill set that has significantly contributed to the growth and success of Scotmas.

His commitment to continuous learning and development is evident from his completion of the prestigious “Entrepreneurial Development Program” at MIT-Sloan School of Management. This program is renowned for equipping business leaders with cutting-edge strategies, leadership skills, and the entrepreneurial mindset necessary to drive significant impact in their industries. Alistair’s participation in this program underscores his dedication to fostering innovation and excellence within Scotmas and the broader business community.

Valuable Business & Entrepreneurial Insights

Alistair, along with his wife Nicola, successfully scaled their home-based business in the Life and Chemical sciences sector to become a major local employer in the Scottish Borders, with Scotmas now exporting to 32 countries worldwide.

Through his entrepreneurial journey, Alistair has learned first-hand the ups and downs of running a business, and he firmly believes that investment in innovation and people development can lead to sustainable economic growth.

In addition to his responsibilities at Scotmas, Alistair serves as a Board member of South of Scotland Enterprise. This role highlights his commitment to regional development and his influence in shaping economic growth strategies in the South of Scotland. His insights and experiences in this capacity add a valuable dimension to his expertise, making him a compelling voice on topics related to regional economic development, entrepreneurship, and innovation.

Alistair was honoured with the King’s Police Medal for Conspicuous Service in the 2024 Birthday Honours for his long-standing commitment as a volunteer police officer, known in Scotland as a Special Constable. This prestigious award is a testament to his dedication and unwavering commitment to serving our community.

Alistair’s professional profile is available at, offering a glimpse into his achievements and contributions to the field. However, the depth of his knowledge, the breadth of his experience, and his visionary leadership are best appreciated through direct dialogue.

Engaging Podcast Guest

Podcast hosts seeking to engage their audience with stories of entrepreneurial success, technological innovation, and strategic leadership would find Alistair Cameron to be an exceptional guest. His journey from a microbiology student to the CEO of a successful company, combined with his involvement in educational and regional development initiatives, provides a rich tapestry of topics for discussion.

What’s truly inspiring about Alistair is his unwavering commitment to his values and his community. He lives and works in the Scottish Borders with his wife and young family, and his dedication to creating a better future for them and the people around him is truly admirable.

An interview with Alistair would not only inspire aspiring entrepreneurs and business leaders but also offer practical insights into navigating the complexities of the modern business environment.


Alistair is comfortable to talk about many topics including.

  • How the mix of entrepreneurship and technology drives innovation today
  • The role of innovation and strategic leadership
  • The importance of continuous learning and development for business leaders
  • The challenges and opportunities facing entrepreneurs and business leaders in today’s rapidly changing business environment
  • The potential for technology and innovation to drive economic growth and development in local communities
  • Alistair’s vision for the future of the water treatment industry
  • The role of mentorship and networking in supporting the growth and success of entrepreneurs and business leaders

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Whether you’re exploring current events, delving into industry trends, or simply looking for an insightful conversation, Alistair has the insights and ideas to make your podcast shine.

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