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Healthcare Water Disinfection in Community Healthcare. Scotmas - Chlorine Dioxide Specialist.

Water Disinfection in Community Healthcare

A Trust were struggling with persistent growth of Pseudomonas and other bacteria in sites with variable, often low, water consumption. The size and number of sites affected, and their relatively low water usage, didn’t justify large scale capital investment. Manual chemical dosing would have been inaccurate, expensive, potentially unsafe to handle and difficult to control.…

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Food & Drink Processing Image of Smoked Salmon. Scotmas - Chlorine Dioxide Specialist.

Countering the Listeria threat in smoked salmon production

A major smoked salmon producer is countering the threat of Listeria contamination by washing their fish with water treated by a Scotmas Bravo WA Chlorine Dioxide generator. Listeria is widely present in the environment, however not all listeria bacterium cause illness.  Of the 20 different species identified, only Listeria monocytogenes is a significant cause of…

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Industrial Image of Arid landscape.

Revolutionary Hydro Powered Water Treatment System

Revolutionary hydro-powered Chlorine Dioxide generator helps to bring clean water to Botswana. Scotmas were able to develop an ultra-low power dosing pump technology, capable of being remotely monitored by GSM data connections widely available throughout Africa. The Challenge The Botswana Water Authority approached Scotmas, seeking innovative proposals to deliver effective drinking water treatment to 40…

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Industrial Connahs Quay Power Station. Scotmas - Chlorine Dioxide Specialist.

Connah’s Quay Power Station (E.On)

In the complex world of industrial cooling systems, where every second counts and precision is paramount, the threat of microbial contamination is ever-present. Bacteria, algae, and biofilm can wreak havoc, clogging pipes, corroding equipment, and diminishing efficiency. The battle against these unseen adversaries has traditionally been fought with conventional techniques, but they come at a…

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