Robust High Purity ClO2 dosing for high volume water disinfection.

The Bravo MX is our solution for larger industrial and municipal water supplies, where high volumes of high purity Chlorine Dioxide require to be delivered on a continuous basis.

The Bravo MX is engineered to have industry WIMES1 8.02 specifications and produces Chlorine Dioxide that conforms to BS EN 12671, and thereby Article 10 of the EU Drinking Water Directive 98/83/EC for use in Public Water Supplies.

The Bravo MX offers a turn-key solution for large industrial and water utility clients seeking to quickly take advantage of the benefits of Chlorine Dioxide using a pre-engineered skid mount solution, with a 25 year service life.

Building on the safety and reliability of our smaller generators, the Bravo MX is designed to the exacting, fail-safe and security requirements of water utilities and heavy industrial clients with MODBUS integration, whilst using a flexible, industry standard deployment framework to minimise custom engineering costs and delays.

The Bravo MX can also be provided as a fully pre-engineered containerised plant room solution for rapid site deployment, and integration with other packaged plant.

The system is designed to operate using bulk storage tanks of concentrated ClO2 precursors and provides for built-in control of all bulk chemical transfer pumps, air scrubbers and safety systems associated with the package.

Full duty-standby/rotation capabilities are built into the Bravo MX design, allowing for 2 identical models to be easily linked via fibre or Ethernet cable to provide for full redundancy capabilities.

Scotmas Bravo MX Chlorine Dioxide Generator.
Scotmas Bravo MX Chlorine Dioxide Installation

Bravo MX – Reliability as Standard

Bravo MX Generators are only specified with premium PLCs and circuitry to provide the reliability and durability necessary for high volume disinfection applications. Where required, PLCs and other key components can be specified by customers to meet project specific requirements. All control systems are supplied in secure, skid mounted enclosures ready for install to site, or within our rapid deployment containerised systems.

Scotmas Bravo MX Chlorine Dioxide Generator.

Multi Point Dosing Technology

Multiple-point dosing provides significant savings over traditional approaches.

The Bravo MX offers the ability to dose different levels of ClO2 independently at up to 12 points throughout the site via DSX Multi Point Dosing Technology, eliminating the need for intermediate bulk storage of Chlorine Dioxide solutions.

Failure risk is reduced – there are fewer pumps, fewer motors, less pipework and less space required, reducing risk of component failure and ensuring a more reliable ClO2 dosing system.

Electrical supply requirements and consumption are reduced.  Each DSX manifold is supplied complete with all instrumentation, pipework and control valves to manage variable ClO2 dosing at all required locations.

Scotmas Bravo MX Chlorine Dioxide Dosing Unit.

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Typical Applications

Delivering Chlorine Dioxide systems engineered to suit your individual needs.

Municipal Water

Chlorine Dioxide water treatment was first applied in European drinking water in 1956, as a pre-oxidant to remove iron and manganese contamination from raw water prior to treatment. Today, Chlorine Dioxide is applied throughout the treatment train – from the pre-treatment of raw and reverse osmosis feedstocks, through to the final disinfection and maintenance of a residual in the distribution network.

Scotmas ClO2 generation technology has been proven by regulators around the world and selected by some of the largest water utilities to deliver unparalleled levels of safety and efficiency.

Clean Drinking Water.

Seawater Cooling

Chlorine Dioxide applications for seawater can improve energy efficiency in cooling water systems and reduce the environmental impact from chlorinated by-products, associated with chlorine disinfectants.

As chlorine gas and hypochlorite treatments are increasingly decommissioned, electrochlorination is often promoted as a potential alternative treatment. Power costs, depreciation and maintenance costs of seawater electrochlorination systems are usually considerably higher than the equivalent Chlorine Dioxide approach, which offers a more effective biocidal treatment with minimal environmental impact.

Oil & Gas

Chlorine Dioxide’s high oxidation capacity and low oxidation strength make it the ideal water biocide for a number of hydrocarbon extraction applications, whether for sulphide scavenging, enhanced oil recovery, batch biociding, or injection water treatment. Chlorine Dioxide has low environmental impact, as it does not form chlorinated by-products and degrades to salt in most environments.

Our capabilities include full integration with your chemistry, corrosion engineering and environmental teams regarding compatibility. We can also offer a fully managed engineering solution comprising installation and site E&I controls.


Industrial Service Water. Scotmas - Chlorine Dioxide Specialist.

Recirculating Cooling Towers

An effective, eco-friendly solution to biofouling, helping to save millions through better heat transfer efficiency and reduced maintenance costs.

Scotmas ClO2 systems combine the disinfecting power of Chlorine Dioxide with state of the art control and monitoring systems to minimise chemical consumption, environmental impact and corrosion risk.

Our systems are installed on systems ranging from small modular cooling towers through to power station seawater intakes, and paper mill water handling applications.


Industrial Cooling Towers. Scotmas - Chlorine Dioxide Specialist.
Cidox+ Chlorine Dioxide Disinfection Tablets


Alpha R Chlorine Dioxide Generator

Alpha R

Bravo WA Chlorine Dioxide Generator

Bravo WA

Delta Chlorine Dioxide Generator.

Delta WA

Bravo MX Chlorine Dioxide Generator

Bravo MX

UltraPure Chlorine Dioxide Generator

Bravo UltraPure

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