AbScent™ is a powerful, industrial strength odour control product, which uses Chlorine Dioxide to completely destroy bad smells instead of masking them.

The formula eliminates bad smells caused by mould, chemical substances, mildew, fungi and bacteria.

AbScent™ removes odours without the use of masking agents or perfumes. Instead it penetrates porous surfaces by “selective oxidisation”, meaning the neutraliser is targeted where it is needed most. The self-activating sachets react with the humidity in the air to release a sustained and controlled amount of Chlorine Dioxide. After being released, the ClO2 safely reduces into common salts.

How to Apply AbScent

AbScent™ products are designed to generate ClO2 in proportion to the amount of relative humidity (RH) in the air. AbScent™ sachets should be applied with careful consideration to the amount of humidity present and the size of the room, in order to ensure that occupational exposure limits (currently 0.1mg/l ClO2 in air over 8 hours) are not exceeded. Levels of ClO2 in the air can be easily measured using test kits or gas sensors commercially available.

Generation of ClO2 at RH levels of 40-60% takes place in less than one hour at normal temperatures (18-24˚C). At temperatures below 5˚C and RH levels below 30%, ClO2 generation is much slower requiring at least 12 hours before any significant concentration is produced. By contrast, at temperatures above 21˚C and RH above 60%, ClO2 is generated in minutes.

ClO2 in the air reacts quickly with contaminants and is also decomposed by sunlight and fluorescent light.

ClO2 produced by AbScent™ sachets may discolour or damage oxidisible materials and fabrics in very close proximity or directly below the sachet. It is recommended that AbScent™ sachets be hung or placed as far away as possible from soft furnishings. AbScent™ sachets should not be allowed to become exposed to high humidity or heat >35˚C.

AbScent™ products should be stored in the original unopened package until ready for use. Store in a cool, dry area away from heat or open flame.

AbScent Odour Control Industrial Strength Odour Elimination

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