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Please note: From 28.11.22, all Scotmas Chlorine Tablets and Granules have been issued with new NPC codes on the NHS Supply Chain Catalogue.

Codes are now allocated against single units, rather than cases, allowing Trusts to buy in smaller quantities. If you wish to continue purchasing in case quantities, please purchase in multiples of 6.

Available resources are listed below, please scroll down for links to download files.  To order printed copies, click the Order Form link on the top right of this page and complete your details.

For assistance, please call 01573 226901 or e mail marketing@scotmas.com.

Chlorosan Chlorine Dioxide Disinfection Tablets - Scotmas.
Scotmas Chlorosan Granules
NHS Prod. Code to 25.11.22 (Case)NHS Prod. Code from 28.11.22 (Tub)Scotmas Product CodeDescriptionCleaning and DisinfectionDisinfection OnlyTablet Weight (g)Pack Quantity / Size
MRB1411MRB85000SC018-0.5-600ChloroSan 0.5gNoYes1.1600 tablets
MRB1412MRB85001SC018-1.7-200ChloroSan 1.7gNoYes3.22200 tablets
MRB1413MRB85002SC017-150ChloroSan 1.7g with detergent (3.22g tablet)YesNo3.22150 tablets
MRB1414MRB85003SC017-210ChloroSan 1.7g with detergent (3.22g tablet)YesNo3.22210 tablets
MRB1410MRB85004SC018-2.5-100ChloroSan 2.5g (4.7g tablet)NoYes4.7100 tablets
MFB1090MFB85178SC018-6ChloroSan GranulesNoYes50% NaDcc500g dispenser
MFB1091MFB1091SCB017ChloroSan Dilution bottle 1 litre--NANA

Training Posters

Train cleaning staff quickly and simply with our training posters, available free.  There are some local variations relating to the make up and usage of chlorine tablets.  If you need modifications to the posters to take account of local policies, please Contact Us or complete the enquiry form here.

Cleaning and Disinfection

Product Training Poster

A3 size poster describing safe make up and use of ChloroSan.

Scotmas Chlorosan poster - general disinfection

Blood Spills

Product Training Poster

A3 size poster describing safe make up and use of ChloroSan for cleaning of blood spills.

Scotmas Chlorosan poster - blood spills

Product Training Card

A Simple Guide

Pocket card for product users describing safe generation and use of ChloroSan.

Currently only available in English, branded for NHS Wales.

Scotmas Chlorosan Product Posters

Product Training Video

Easy To Follow Guide

Four minute training video for cleaners and other facility management personnel on safe make up and use of ChloroSan tablets and granules.

English | NHS Wales branded

English | NHS branded

Technical and Material Safety Data Sheets

NHS Prod. CodeDescriptionTechnical Data Sheet (TDS)Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS)
MRB1411ChloroSan 0.5gDownload PDF
MRB1412ChloroSan 1.7gDownload PDFDownload PDF
MRB1413ChloroSan 1.7g with detergent (3.22g tablet)Download PDFDownload PDF
MRB1414ChloroSan 1.7g with detergent (3.22g tablet)Download PDF
MRB1410ChloroSan 2.5g (4.7g tablet)Download PDFDownload PDF
MFB1090ChloroSan GranulesDownload PDFDownload PDF

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