At Scotmas, we take pride in building containerised Chlorine Dioxide systems that are tailored to meet our clients’ specific requirements.

Our pre-engineered containerised or kiosk-mounted systems guarantee minimal on-site disruption and downtime.

By choosing a containerised system, you can rest assured that the Chlorine Dioxide Generator will be meticulously tested in our factory before on-site delivery. This ensures that the system is built to the highest standards and installed for minimal on-site disruption.

Our containerised systems are designed to meet the latest engineering standards and come equipped with several safety and control features, including full temperature controls, fire & smoke alarms, ventilation, and security-rated doors.

For temporary installations, our containerised solution can be specified with on-board chemical storage, providing maximum safety and security on complex oilfield or construction sites. You can be assured that our containerised ClO2 systems are fully ISO certified, allowing them to be disassembled and transported easily to new locations around the world when required.

Containerised System – Key Benefits

Our containerised systems offer numerous key benefits, making them an exceptional choice for challenging environments like oilfields.

We have designed our systems with safety as a top priority, incorporating multiple safety and security features, including full temperature controls, to meet the highest standards.

Our “plug and play” containerised ClO2 generation plants are installed by experienced safety engineers for minimum disruption, ensuring rapid deployment and efficient operation.

With all these benefits, you can be assured of the reliability and effectiveness of our ClO2 generation plants.

Our containerised systems can be installed and operational in under 24 hours.

Fully Pre-Engineered Containerised Chlorine Dioxide Systems
Fully Pre-Engineered Containerised Chlorine Dioxide Systems

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