Whatever the size of your Chlorine Dioxide installation, rely on Scotmas’ expertise to ensure a smooth installation and handover to operations.

Today’s regulatory environment means that for any water disinfection system, installation, commissioning and training services must be carried out by “competent persons” to minimise any risk of misconfiguration that could lead to a malfunction in the water treatment process.

Scotmas engineering staff can provide comprehensive installation, commissioning and training support to complement the activities of your water treatment and facilities management professionals.

Even when installing one of our smaller “off the shelf” Chlorine Dioxide generation systems, our approach encompasses a full risk assessment of the site for installation, installation logistics, and interface to any BMS or SCADA system that may be installed on site.

Our multidisciplinary installation team of mechanical & electrical engineers and analytical specialists are trained and accredited to CSCS, CCNSG and EUSR safety standards. Specialist staff are trained to BOSIET offshore survival and HEAT hostile environment training standards.

Scotmas’ extensive global experience and practical approach mean we can impart the necessary knowledge and advice to operational staff upon system handover. Our process is accredited to both ISO 9000 and UK LCA standards.

Installation, Commissioning & Training Services

Trust our experience!

Scotmas is committed to providing innovative and sustainable chlorine dioxide-based water treatment solutions across various industries.

Water Disinfection Expertise

Scotmas is known for its expertise in water disinfection technologies, particularly in the field of chlorine dioxide generation and application.

Global Presence

Scotmas serves customers worldwide and has a global presence, providing water treatment solutions to a wide range of industries.

Sustainable Solutions

The company is committed to providing sustainable and environmentally friendly solutions.

Innovative Technology

Scotmas has a reputation for innovation in water treatment and continuously develop and improve to meet the evolving needs of our customers.

Compliance and Certification

Scotmas adheres to strict industry standards and holds a wide range of accreditations ensuring the quality and safety of our products.