Scotmas offers three innovative monitoring solutions.

Sentinel Guard, Sentinel Link, and InSite each work togther to provide real-time reporting.

Sentinel Guard offers 24/7 monitoring and logging of ClO2 and chlorite residuals, with access to InSite web-based monitoring platform for secure storage of data logs.

Sentinel Link provides wireless connectivity for monitoring water quality parameters up to the point of use, ensuring clean water for all users.

InSite offers a secure and easy-to-use portal with advanced charting and logging system for interrogating datalogs recorded by Sentinel Guard unit, ideal for compliance, monitoring and audit purposes.

Our developers work continuously to provide “off the shelf” water management software such as our Scotmas InSite web application designed for the building services environment, through to complex SQL and XML implementations for large industrial clients. This software is designed to automatically alert operators to potential problems with the water system, and automatically generate a correct action to ensure no disruptions to the system.

Data logs for up to three years and advanced charting and logging allows daily, weekly and monthly average residuals to be recorded and analyses over time. These can then be easily exported for inclusion into presentations or internal reporting.

Data is stored data on secure off-site servers, making Scotmas systems for compliance, monitoring and audit purposes.

Scotmas Sentinel Link
Sentinel Guard 24/7 monitoring, control and data logging. Scotmas
Scotmas InSite -24/7 Remote Monitoring
Scotmas InSite -24/7 Remote Monitoring

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