Scotmas provide unique monitoring systems, designed and built with proprietry software for the best control and auditable data logs.

Our InSite web access system provides a secure, easy to use portal to rapidly interrogate datalogs recorded by the Sentinel Guard unit for up to 3 years.

The advanced charting and logging system allows daily, weekly and monthly average residuals to be compared, trended over time and appropriate reports to be exported to PDF or CSV format. The InSite system stores data on off-site secure servers and is ideal for compliance, monitoring and audit purposes.

Every Scotmas engineered system is offered with a range of technical and service monitoring systems tailored to your individual requirements. All our systems can be configured with comprehensive data logging and off-site analysis via LAN, GPRS, 802.11b, SCADA or PROFIBUS technologies.

The modular structure of Scotmas dosing systems means that any number of remote monitoring points may be set up, allowing generator performance to be monitored and controlled not just at the dose point, but also in the downstream process.

InSite – Key Benefits

  • Customisation: Off the shelf software through to complex SQL and XML implementations for large industrial clients.

  • Accessible: Data available anywhere, at any time of day or night.
  • Auditable: Full data logging, 24/7.
  • Monitoring : Continuous monitoring of residuals when combined with external analysers such as the Scotmas Sentinel Guard™.
Scotmas InSite -24/7 Remote Monitoring

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