Sentinel Link is an innovative solution designed to work in tandem with our Bravo™ and Delta™ water disinfection systems.

It offers reliable and wireless connectivity for water quality monitoring sensors placed at strategic points throughout buildings, providing a comprehensive view of water hygiene parameters up to the point of use.

One of the key advantages of Sentinel Link is its capability to monitor a range of water quality parameters. From flow rate and temperature to pH and residual disinfectant concentration, it can provide accurate and real-time data that is fed back to a central disinfection system using the highly resilient LoRA radio protocol. This data can then be used to alter parameters such as disinfectant dosing and is uploaded to our web-based InSite platform for further analysis and monitoring.

Sentinel Link is a powerful tool for maintaining water hygiene and quality, ensuring that all water users can have peace of mind knowing that they are using clean water.

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