With extensive experience and an overarching commitment to quality and safety, Scotmas are able to provide lifetime support assurance for your Chlorine Dioxide system.

Scotmas recognise the needs of different clients when considering the lifetime benefits of a Chlorine Dioxide installation.

As primary designers and manufacturers of all our systems, we are able to offer a flexible approach to ongoing service and support requirements to fit in with your existing arrangements and in-house capabilities.

From “parts only” supply of our off-the shelf Chlorine Dioxide generators such as Alpha R and Bravo WA, through to a leased package complete with ongoing maintenance, support call-outs and chemical management, Scotmas are able to tailor an offering to suit the requirements of end users, water treatment professionals and consultants alike.

As well as maintenance requirements, our service can encompass full chemical delivery and management, backed by full periodic calibration, safety audits, and trend analysis of data recorded by our Insite™ data system.

With a commitment to quality and safety, by entrusting the ongoing management and maintenance of your system to Scotmas and/or our international network of trained and approved “Scotmas Service Partners”, we are uniquely placed to offer leading edge support over the lifetime of your system.

Scotmas Chlorine Dioxide Service Packages

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Water Disinfection Expertise

Scotmas is known for its expertise in water disinfection technologies, particularly in the field of chlorine dioxide generation and application.

Global Presence

Scotmas serves customers worldwide and has a global presence, providing water treatment solutions to a wide range of industries.

Sustainable Solutions

The company is committed to providing sustainable and environmentally friendly solutions.

Innovative Technology

Scotmas has a reputation for innovation in water treatment and continuously develop and improve to meet the evolving needs of our customers.

Compliance and Certification

Scotmas adheres to strict industry standards and holds a wide range of accreditations ensuring the quality and safety of our products.